iTunes Magic

Convert your iTunes Playlists to Amazon Music using Alexa and Amazon Echo devices!

Easily copy your iTunes Playlists to Amazon Music

Simple steps to reproduce your favorite music playlists in your Amazon Music Unlimited subscription.

 Have Alexa play music your way!  
iTunes Magic will save you hours of time, effort and frustration!

Step 1

Export iTunes Library

Export your iTunes Music Library file to XML on your local computer.

Step 2

Upload iTunes XML file to iTunes Magic

Upload the XML file from Step 1 to the iTunes Magic website.  
Enter your mobile telephone number to receive the converted playlist.

Step 3

Select iTunes Playlist to copy to Amazon Music

Select which iTunes Playlist you want to convert and start the conversion process.

Step 4

Play the voice commands to Alexa on your Echo device

Click the link in the SMS text you receive from iTunes Magic to play the voice commands to Alexa on your Echo device.  Alexa will build a copy of your iTunes playlist within Amazon Music.

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Questions and Answers

iTunes Magic is a simple to use website for copying your iTunes playlists to your Amazon Music Unlimited subscription.  Just a few simple steps and voila!, you have a copy of your favorite iTunes playlist available on your Amazon Echo devices!

Step 1. Export your Apple iTunes music library and save it on your computer.
Step 2. Upload the exported XML library file to the iTunes Magic website.
Step 3. Select the playlist you want to copy and the Alexa voice commands are sent to your mobile phone.
Step 4. Play the voice commands from your phone to your Amazon Echo device and Alexa will make a copy of your playlist!

Enjoy your iTunes playlists in Amazon Music without the tiresome work of manually copying everything!

Well, if you are like us, you have had an Apple iTunes account for years and spent a fair amount of time creating the perfect playlists for your parties, the holidays, your various daily moods, or just because you love music your own way and not how someone else thinks about it!  

Then you got an Amazon Echo and realized that Alexa is way better than Siri (sorry Siri, but I have a new girl in my life!).  When you ask Alexa to play you some music it's good, but then you remember that you have the perfect playlist over there in iTunes, but Alexa doesn't know about it!

After searching the web for hours, you discover to your dismay that there is nothing to help you make a copy of your iTunes playlists within Amazon Music....until now!  

iTunes Magic to the rescue!  We built this tool because we needed it ourselves, and we are happy to share what we have created with you too.  It isn't perfect, but it's better than trying to copy playlists manually or living without that perfect playlist!

Short answer....Yes!

Amazon Music does not have an API (that's "geek" for letting anyone other than Amazon interact with the service via code).  

Historically, there hasn't been a way to create a playlist except through the Amazon Music app.  Then, in February 2018, Amazon announced that you could ask Alexa to create a playlist via an Echo device.  "Hee, hee!", we thought, this is great!  Except, then we realized that you still had to start each song you wanted to add and tell Alexa to add it to "such-and-such" playlist.

I don't know about you, but I want to listen to my music, not recreate everything through a tedious and laborious process.

So, we have created the iTunes Magic service to create all the vocal commands Alexa needs to recreate your iTunes playlist in Amazon Music.  Upload your iTunes library file, next let the service automatically generate the necessary voice commands, and finally play the voice commands to your Echo device from your phone.  With very little effort on your part, you can then ask Alexa to play your perfect iTunes playlist for you from your Echo devices.

Problem solved!

For a limited time, we are offerig this service for FREE!  

Just know that we may have to charge a small fee in the future if we cannot stay within the free tier of hosting services offered by Amazon.  But for now....YES it's free to use iTunes Magic!

We welcome all constructive feedback!  As a FREE service, however, we do not have the patience for trolls and haters.  However, if you have a GREAT idea to help improve the service, drop us a line in the Contact Us section below!  

Thanks for trying iTunes Magic and helping us to make it better!


Let us know how we can improve the iTunes Magic service!


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